As Social Media Marketing Company, SEO Discovery® helps connect with customers and generate sales through Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

Our Social Marketing Team will make the custom plan and implement it with advance strategy to build strong brand’s presence on social media to get leads, sales and traffic.

We are specialized in

  • Setting up & managing accounts on top social media platforms
  • Creating buzz and building brand loyalty
  • Increasing engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Increasing the number of social votes and followers

Our Social Media Services and its Benefits

  • Followers Social media will help you increase your followers through word of mouth & referrals. Social media marketing services will help you increase your relevant followers who match the demographics, interests, and behaviours of your typical customers.
  • Engagement Social media will build a strong connection through engagement with your audience. Social media posts will increase engagement (likes, comments, etc.) & stronger connections.
  • Traffic Social media redirection to your website will directly boost traffic. Social media advertising campaigns that drive high volumes of traffic to your website will generate more leads.
  • Conversions Social media retargeting ads of recent website visitors will optimize more conversions or sales. Social strategy around target audience & to do remarketing will make sure to get consistent & regular sales.

Social Media Marketing

Improve your online visbility & earn more revenue. Get higher on search results

Package Name Social Solo Social Social Pro Social Pro+
Pricing / Month INR 10,000 INR 18,000 INR 24,000 INR 31,999
No. of Social Channels Account Handling Any 1 Any 2 Any 3 All 4
Identify Business Goals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Account Management Any 1 Any 2 Any 3 Any
Analyze Your Audiences Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create Social Media Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create a Content Strategy Yes Yes Yes Yes
Identify Hashtags Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Promotion
Profile Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
FB Timeline Status Posting 18 15 20 25
Post Sharing in Groups 5 5 7 10
Cover Image Creative and Upload 1 1 1 2
Group Creation no no Yes Yes
Group Join no no 3 5
Video Sharing(provided by client) No No No Yes
Call To Action Button – One Time Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Review Postings No No No Yes
Polls Creation & Management No No Yes Yes
Facebook insight Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deleting of unwanted spam Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsored Ads (Additional Cost) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Event Creation No No Yes Yes
Instagram Promotion
Profile Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Image Sharing 15 15 20 25
Targeted Instagram Followers Increase Yes Yes Yes Yes
#hashtag Trend Research No No Yes Yes
Comment & Like Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image Tagging to Friends/Followers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Analytics Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instagram Highlights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Instagram stories Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linkedin Promotion
Profile Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linkedin Post Sharing 15 15 20 25
Targeted Linkedin Connection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company Page Creation One time One time One time One time
Company Page Follower Increase Yes Yes Yes Yes
Company page creative banner 1 1 1 2
Profile Connection Build up No No No Yes
Relevant Group Joining No No 1 2
Post Sharing in Groups No No 15 20
Linkedin Performance Review Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pinterest Promotion
Profile Optimization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Board Creation 5 5 8 10
Pins Posted 12 12 20 40
Followers One time One time One time One time
Business Account Yes Yes Yes Yes
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does SMO mean?
  • SMO is the acronym for Social Media Optimization. This aims to optimize the company's social networking operations. SMO makes your company's profile more visible on social media and also keeps the users engaged on the website. It motivates others on the social media network to share your informative content with other people.
  • Does the website need SMO, if SEO is being done already?
  • Optimization of social media is a necessary continuation of SEO. Enhancing the search engine lets you promote the content through search engines and SMO enhances the brand identity through the web's high traffic social networking channels.
  • Can the optimization of social media drive traffic and help my online company expand?
  • Social networking channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. have been the most widely accessed platforms on the web. If you've had a significant presence on these platforms, then promoting your business globally could help you a lot.
  • How does SMO help?
  • Manage your corporate image online, Generate enormous traffic to your website, Promote the business reputation, Helps in creating quality content which is worth sharing, & Analyzes the company’s social media profile and make changes required.
  • How many times do I need to post on social media?
  • It is always advised to post at least twice a week on social media platforms. But many platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter require the frequent posting of the content. One can also upload stories on Facebook or Instagram and get in connection with the users.
  • Is sharing blogs a part of SMO?
  • We can say that SMO is a synonym for sharing and posting the content to different platforms. It helps in increasing awareness of a company through the content which they post. Thus, blog sharing is a part of SMO. Since, blogs offer information on different subjects related to a company. Hence, blog sharing is a critical area to support bloggers reach out to audiences involved in reading it.
  • Can you provide personalized work for SMO?
  • Yes, the work done by our employees is very unique and planned according to the client’s requirements. We set up a separate strategic plan for all our customers as per their industry, needs, present condition, etc. Not only the strategic objective, but we can also make anything customizable if you do want.

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